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Out with the Old...Retiring a Trusty Companion

July 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

For those of you who have met me and/or worked with me, you know that I have scooter. When I tell people that I have a scooter, most people assume that I own a motorized scooter. So now when I tell people that I have a scooter, I add that it's a kick scooter. As in human-powered. No motor.

I have to admit that I've always wanted to own a scooter. After my 3rd year of university, I spent the summer working in Munich, Germany. If you've ever been to Munich, you'll know that it is a VERY outdoorsy, nature-oriented city. People often spend their weekends hiking in the alps, going to one of the local lakes, or doing whatever outdoor activity tickles their fancy. It's awesome, and it's so different from life in Toronto. Anyway, long story short, the kick scooters were popular with kids and adults alike, and I really fancied one. But after looking at all of the local sporting goods stores that I could find, I had no such luck.

Fast-forward 11 years later, to 2012. For my daughter's 4th birthday, we wanted to upgrade her from a 3-wheeled scooter, to a 2-wheeled one. I found this company online called Kickboard, and after digging around, I noticed that they sold scooters for adults as well. Cue in angels singing. Next thing I knew, we were ordering a scooter for daughter, and one for me. Hers was pink, and mine was blue.

The first time I rode the scooter, I looked like a kid trying to ride a bike with no training wheels for the first time. It was pitiful. I'm sure that my hubby got a good laugh out of it. Fortunately for me, I got the hang of it, and next thing I knew, I started using my scooter as a supplementary mode of transportation. For me, the scooter is perfect, because:

  1. I hate driving in the city
  2. We only have one car, and my hubby takes it to work
  3. Toronto transit sucks (don't get me started)
  4. I'd love to ride a bike in the city, but I'm too damn scared of sharing the road with cars\
  5. The scooter folds up nicely, which makes it great for taking on the TTC

Have you seen my scooter? Check it out below. I love the color. Such a bright blue. AND, it was in the original Ümla-colors!

Blue Kick Sprint Scooter (www.umlaphoto.com) My friends are all very amused by my scooter. Below is a picture that I took of my friend Joe, earlier in the year. I think he secretly wants one. :)

Wheeeee (www.umlaphoto.com) Unfortunately, over the course of the year, I rode the crap out of it. In the rain, in the sun, and even in a little bit of snow (I don't recommend riding in the snow). Eventually, all of that riding caused it to wear. By the end of the year, my scooter has seen its fair share of wear and tear:

  1. Lost 2 screws from the front, just about launching me off of the scooter on my way to old office job from dropping off my daughter at school
  2. Lost the peg holding one of my handlebars in place, just about launching me off the scooter on my way to a client proofing & ordering session. Subsequently used duct tape to remedy the situation
  3. Folding the scooter became a chore, as parts were starting to stick with grime
  4. Lost the replacement screws that I bought after I lost the original 2 screws, and subsequently used duct tape to remedy the situation.

My fancy-dancy Swiss Army Knife came in handy earlier in the year, when I noticed that my replacement screws were coming loose. Unfortunately, they fell out anyway.

Swiss Army Knife to the rescue! (www.umlaphoto.com)

This is the end result:

My poor patched-up scooter (www.umlaphoto.com) Um, yeah...time for a new scooter, don't you think? So, finally, after humming and hawing, I finally ordered a new one. On my daughter's very wise advice, I ordered the new one in pink. Partly because it's cute that she requested the color, and partly because it's the new Ümla-color. I picked up the new scooter yesterday. I can tell you right now that folding it is like night and day. And the ride is very smooth. I will still keep the old one around for spare parts. I'm sure that I will need to pillage some screws and maybe a wheel or two at some point in the future.

I'm sad to see my trusty blue scooter go, but it was time for a change, and I'm looking forward to the coming year with my new pink scooter. So watch out, world! Ümla's got a new scooter, and she's not afraid to use it!

Pink and blue Kick scooters (www.umlaphoto.com) Peace, love, and über-Ümla happiness, y'all!


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