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Feelin' Some Über-Ümla Love

[Anka - Maternity Session]

goodness adriana, the photos are sooooo beautiful!!!! i want to have them all!!! you have a great eye, and a perfect touch and relationship with your camera. loved them! … have a great day! i will after seeing the photos :) i really have so few pics of gael and myself

[Anka - Baby Session]

Thanks so much for the pics! Everyone I showed them to just LOVED them.

[Sarah - Maternity Session]

Wow, I love them all! love the colour scheme and the way you framed! … Thanks so much for this- such nice memory to cherish. let me know how I can help to advertise you as the new photographer in town!

[Jenn - Family Session]

Wow. I disappear for a weekend to see the in-laws and I get a nice welcome on Monday. Gosh love the photos … Great job Adriana!

[Sandi - Family Session]

wow. thanks Adriana. that is very awesome of you. i love all of the pix!

[Japji - Maternity Sesison]

I love the one of Monk in front of my belly!! ... I really can't thank you enough, I am so delighted with these pics!