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Fees Overview


[Session Packages]

ÜmlaPhoto offers you three different types of packages:

  • À-la-carte
  • Fine art album
  • All-inclusive digital

All packages include a pre-session consultation, and an in-home photo première slideshow for proofing and ordering photo products. Packages start at $650. On average, clients spend approximately $850 on their Ümla-experience.

[Bundles & Add-Ons]

If you are expecting, ÜmlaPhoto now offers bundles to help capture your family as it evolves. This includes the Bump Meet Baby bundle, which documents your baby bump every two weeks, ending with a mom and newborn baby. The Baby's First Year bundle captures baby every 3 months, starting with newborn photos. Bundles start at $650.

[Boutique Photo Products]

ÜmlaPhoto offers a selection of boutique photo products to showcase your beautiful photos to family and friends. All products are professional quality and made with the finest finishes and materials to display your art in the best way possible. Products include:

  • Gift prints (starting at $45 for 8x10)
  • Standouts (starting at $70 for 8x10)
  • Fine art canvas (starting at $215 for 10x10)
  • Custom-designed photo albums (starting at $500 for 6x6)
  • High-res digital files

Additional photo products not included with your selected package can be purchased à la carte. Please contact me for a full list of products, descriptions, and pricing!

[Seasonal Mini-Sessions & Anytime Minis]

Mini sessions are trimmed-down seasonal Ümla  packages, offered on a specific date and time frame at a location selected by ÜmlaPhoto. They feature a shorter session time and a smaller offering of products. They are perfect for when you are on a budget or want just a small number of photos! Mini-Sessions are only offered at certain times of the year, and are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. They fill up fast, so be sure to check the Ümla-Blog, the Events Page, and the ÜmlaPhoto Facebook page for announcements on mini-session dates and times.

For clients who have already had a full session in the current calendar year, or have paid in full for a full session in the following calendar year, Ümla is pleased to offer you Anytime Minis. Same mini-session price and package as seasonal mini-sessions, without having to wait to sign up for a seasonal mini-session.

[Payment Plan]

You have an appreciation for fine art. You love my casual style and my photos. But the prices are just a little outside your budget. That's totally understandable, which is why I am pleased to announce that ÜmlaPhoto offers a payment plan!

For questions about the payment plan, packages, à la carte products, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me!