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Project 365 Week 17: It's Not Unusual

May 14, 2013  •  1 Comment

For week 17 of Project 365, I picked the theme "It's Not Unusual" (I changed it a bit from what I announced in my previous 365 post, which said that the theme was "Ordinary"), celebrating everyday moments in my life which are perfectly normal from my perspective, but may be deemed "unusual" by outsiders looking in. Of course, this makes me think of the Tom Jones song by the same name. Now you've got my earworm too. You're welcome.

Sunday's photo was the inspiration for the week's theme. This is a photo of the washroom that's just off of our kitchen. I was in there one day when I noticed the pile of papers under the sink. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that they were my daughter's drawings/school work, and she'd decided to deposit them in there for some reason. And she adds to the pile, too! One day, I caught her trying to sneak more stuff under the sink. She gave me this delightfully mischievous giggle when I caught her. Still makes me laugh when I think about it!

Traffic light replacement (www.umlaphoto.com) I missed taking a DSLR photo on Monday. :( But I did take a photo on my iPhone, and which I totally think embodies the week's theme. This is a photo of city workers replacing a traffic light. It's not an unusual occurrence, I'm sure, but it's definitely not something that I've seen too often.

Tuesday's photo is of my bandaged hand. I injured it while rock climbing on Sunday afternoon (scraped against a hold). Since I'm fairly accident-prone, I put a couple of bandaids on my hand, to keep the cuts from getting worse. And for the hell of it, I used my daughter's Muppets bandaids, just because I can. :) And in case you're wondering what the cuts look like...

Climbing injury (www.umlaphoto.com) Because I'm a weirdo, I took this right after I finished the climb that injured my hand.

Wednesday's pic is of my daughter sitting on top of a plush globe (you can see the blue of the globe sticking out a bit to her left). I stood on top of a chair at our kitchen table in order to take this photo (because I'm really not that tall). And of course my daughter lectured me about safety.

Thursday's pic was a bit ill-timed. I had bought my daughter some Life Savers gummies as a "reward" for letting me drag her to the drugstore while I waited to talk to a pharmacist about medication for my allergies. (I love trees...tree pollen? Not so much.) She thought it would be fun to wear it as a ring. I ran to grab my camera, and by the time I got there, she was not very amenable to having her picture taken, and you can see that the gummy ripped. Le boo. I still love her expression, though!

My hubby was nice enough to pick up some Mother's Day flowers for me on Friday (a very awesome surprise, I might add). This is a photo of her holding the flowers that my hubby got me, taken just as we got home from school.

Saturday's photo was taken at a client friend's home. I took her maternity photos a month or so ago, and I was back to take newborn photos. We made a photo session/playdate out of it. My daughter and her friend George have known each other since they were one, having attended the same daycare for nearly two years. Although they live outside the city, we still get together a few times per year. It's awesome to see that they're still good friends.

Well...I'm finally all caught up on blogging/photos. In case you're wondering, the theme for Week 18 is Lensbaby. In case you're wondering, a Lensbaby is a creative lens that gives a very funky effect of making your images look focused in one spot, and smeared everywhere else. It's a completely manual lens, which means that to change the aperture, I actually have to use aperture rings, which restrict the amount of light going into the lens. And the lens is manual focus. So although the photos themselves don't have a theme, the theme is the photos taken with the lens. I find this to be a very challenging lens to shoot with, so I'm looking forward to playing around with it this week. To see what I did on previous weeks, check out the weekly roundups here!



Kellie B.(non-registered)
Love these - particularly the first one as I can totally relate to finding the kids' artwork everywhere! :) Really like the last one of your daughter and her friend, too.
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