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Project 365 Week 15: Light

May 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It has been so busy around here, that I'm afraid that I've slacked off a bit when it came to Project 365. Although I haven't posted anything for a while, I have been dutifully taking photos. I'm about 3 weeks behind on posting, so you'll have to bear with me. The theme for Week 15 was Light. I thought that this would be easy, since you can't go anywhere without being face-to-face with light; however, the challenge was to get creative shots using light. It was also challenging that most of the photos I took were at night, so I had to be extra-creative with the light! How did I do?

Sunday's photo was a total cheat. Yes, I took it, but I took it with my iPhone. Although ny goal here is to post photos taken with my DSLR, I also do want to stick to the exercise as much as possible, which means taking a photo each day, and sticking with the theme. This photo is of the late afternoon sun. I took this using Instagram, and over-did it on the filter to really bring out the sun. Every time I look at this, I keep thinking of those "artist's renditions of pulsars" that I used to see in astronomy books when I was younger.

Monday's photo was taken a breakfast, when the sunlight hitting my kitchen is awesome (we face east). My aim was to capture the sun flare, and, of course, get a lifestyle shot while I was at it. If memory serves me, my daughter was showing something to my hubby as he sat down at the table for breakfast. Note my daughter's hair style. Pig-tails (one of them braided) plus a ponytail. This was all her idea. And my hubby willfully executed. I don't know what's cooler. The fact that my daughter comes up with crazy hairstyles and wears them to school, or that my hubby does her hair!

Tuesday's photo was a bit of a fluke in the sense that I hadn't intended on this one being my photo of the day. I had actually taken a couple of photos of my hubby showing my daughter how to use the abacus. But after that, we came down to the living room and she wanted to show off one of the poses that she recently learned in Yoga. This is the resulting picture. Light per se is not prominent in this photo, but the resulting lighting is what made me choose this for my photo for the day. I love the shadows in this photo, and I really think that they make the photo.

I've got a story to tell about Wednesday's photo. In my previous life, I worked at a bank, doing software development. I got this paperweight on my 2-year anniversary with the bank. At the time, I'd just finished taking a photography class at George Brown College, and was just in awe of the world around me. That class just made me see everything differently. So when I first got this paperweight, I remember looking through it and thinking how it would be really cool to take a photo of someone standing right in front of it. Since the paperweight stayed at my office for so long, I never had a chance to take my DSLR out to take the photo. And, as the years passed, I'd forgotten about it. Then, when I challenged myself with this light project, I had the idea of using the paperweight in one of my photos. The resulting photo is an image of the paperweight sitting on my coffee table, placed in front of my fireplace.

I am giddy over Thursday's photo, because every time I see a rainbow, I never have my fancycam (i.e. DSLR) on me. This photo was taken in the middle of a rainstorm. We were all sitting in the living room one evening, when I looked out and noticed the beautiful light across the street. So I grabbed my camera, put my shoes on, and started looking for that gorgeous light. Of course, by the time I got there, it was gone. But I noticed that in spite of the light, it was raining. And my first thought was, "I wonder if I'll see a rainbow". No sooner than I had thought that, than a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. It was a big, beautiful arc (I have photos of the larger arc, but I like the composition of this one best). I was so excited that I called my hubby and my daughter to come outside to see it. My daughter had never seen such a gorgeous rainbow, and was beside herself with excitement. That totally made my day.

Friday's pic was an, "Oh crap, I forgot to take a picture during the day and I need a photo NOW" photo. In spite of it being a last-minute shot, I quite like the resulting photo, as it looks like the clock is floating. In case you're wondering, this is a photo of my daughter's alarm clock, which sits on a nightstand next to her bed. The silhouette just to the right of the clock is a Garfield Pez dispenser, which she somehow found in her room and has decided to keep it on the nightstand.

Saturday's photo was again a bit rushed, but again, I like the resulting photo, as it very much captures a typical evening before bed for us: i.e. watching Netflix in bed. I can't make out what was on the TV, but you can see that my hubby ended up falling asleep.

Stay tuned for Week 16 photos coming soon. The theme is "Spring Has Sprung". To see what I did on previous weeks, check out the weekly roundups here!


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